The theatres of Milan in a map

, 9 February 2015

We made a map to trace all the theatres in Milan: Overall there are 50 (but please let me know if you know others not listed): big theatres, small ones, alternative spaces (yellow label) or more traditional ones. There are all the functioning theatres, placing a photo when available, a description and contacts.

I am sure that there are more, maybe hidden in some apartment or underground buildings, stages with or without backstage, despite the crisis and all the difficulties that this art implies and a non existent national welfare for the artists. Within some year the map will need to be updated for sure with two historical theatres that will revive: the Teatro Lirico, in 2016, il Teatro della Quattordicesima, in the area 4. My favorite ones? The Elfo Puccini (that hosts the best of the contemporary scene) and the Teatro Franco Parenti.

In the last years I have also got to know alternative spaces that I really recommend. Below I tell you a bit about them.

IsolaCasaTeatro it’s a medium sized apartment located in Isola. The terrace has a beautiful view.

Teatro Verdi – Teatro del Buratto. Still in Isola, in via Pastrengo.The space is classical enough but what’s going on instead is very modern: experimental theatre made with puppets (yes, puppets. Do you know Milan has a long historic tradition, with Colla Atelier, a must-visit?), masks, objects. It is a theatre where being an artisan is still valued and endorsed.

Linguaggicreativi is a theatre without a stage, between Romolo and Porta Genova. Here independent theatre companies have the chance to stage their shows, but the space welcome also kids shows and video performance.

Cicco Simonetta
Go on a Tuesday your first time: here the cabaret of Democomica is really funny. The plus: you will be able to sip a beer slouched on a sofa. And talk freely to any stranger who will strike up a conversation with you: they are all nice.

See you at the theatre!