About us

Social Milano was born in 2010 thanks to Alessio, who arrived in Milan in 2006 and, since then, picked Milan as a home, realizing quite soon that the city wasn’t at all as grey, sad and cold as depicted. It’s a city where factories become cultural centers, where neighbors set social dinners through Facebook, where voluntary work increased by 211% in the last 10 years. Here, the sharing economy is shaping the welfare, and you can find tenements with communal balconies aside luxury skyscrapers, parks and museums, farmsteads and hostels, showrooms and vegetable gardens, markets and art history open air. Not enough? Lately the New York Times featured the city as a must-see: here, it says, you can find design, fashion, fine food and much more. Milano is also a city packed with courtyards: you only get to know it well with dedication and curiosity. That’s also what Social Milano wants: by recounting people’s lives and the places that makes the city worth seeing it aims to mirror the city’s same point of view: a privileged, international one – and to acknowledge as well its downsides, without bias. In 2015 Elisa joined the blog, too: Milanese by generations, she travels a lot and sees Milan as the ideal location where to live between one trip and another.

Alessio Baù
I work in the communication field, dealing daily with story-telling and contents, mostly for the web and the Social Media. What do I talk about? City, politic, food, society and social relations. Since 2009 I work with the Digital PR firm Hagakure and I am part of the Social Media Team of Milan’s Municipality. I wrote a book about one of the most popular locations in Milan, California Bakery (“I dolci dell’America”, Guido Tommasi Editore). Combining work and leisure, I joined several projects, caring much for all of them, and you can find some here. I love bicycles, political campaigns, communities (on and offline). I arrived in Milan in 2006.
Elisa della Barba
Freelance journalist, I picked this job because it allowed me to find out more about people’s lives and experiences, but also to discover what’s behind objects and places, which fed my endless curiosity. I believe we are here to learn, discover, share. I write about pretty much everything I love: travel, food, art and photography, in Italian and English. I am currently studying to obtain the International Certification as Sommelier. I lived in New York and Barcelona but I am in love also with Venezia. I have always had mixed feelings about Milan and that’s why I wanted to find out more about it: I think our relationship has a lot of potential. I wrote for Fine Dining Lovers, Conde Nast Italia, Elle Italia, Qui Touring, Swide.com, Jamie Magazine. I absolutely adore dogs, trips, reading in the sunshine and big cities.